Call for solidarity

We are Feral Crust autonomous space in the Philippines. We've 
got your contact information through the internet. We are
writing an appeal letter, a call for solidarity in times of

Would you mind if we ask support from you in terms of 
organizing a fundraiser or a benefit in your town? Or if it's 
possible for you to send any amount of financial donation so 
that we can able to sustain activities until end of 2015?

Truly at this time we are having trouble financially and in 
desperate need, having ups and downs though still surviving. 
We wish to keep our activities and projects going and any 
solidarity will surely help and truly matters.

Here's some information about our group:

Feral Crust is a community based autonomous space active on 
research, education, and implementation in the field of:
-food growing/permaculture
-do-it-yourself ethic/self sufficiency
-past and current issues in the social and ecological 
struggles and resistance worldwide
-indigenous culture/traditional life ways
-non-authoritarian relationships
-solidarity, voluntary cooperation and mutual aid
-alternative health care/natural healing
- confronting sexism, ableism, ageism, racism, classism, 
homophobia, speciesm, nationalism etc.

Any donation in kind goes to:

- Solidarity action/ campaign for Papuan liberation via 
"Decolonizing West Papua Solidarity Action in the Philippines" 
face book page
- Printing and distribution of literature or zines related to 
social and ecological struggles, feminism, gardening and 
rewilding, do-it
-yourself ethic/practical alternatives etc.
- Putting out a do-it-yourself gardening primer/ manual
- Painting the used tarpaulin given to us by nearby 
closed-down factory to insulate our plywood wall against rain
- Random events with kids in the slum neighborhood; workshops 
on gardening, film showing, picnic, art, basic 
reading/writing,  silk-screen printing, storytelling etc.

Here is our blog not yet updated:

We do have Feral Crust logo too we can send you via email 
if needed.

If you are interested or would like to help in whatever way 
you can please keep in touch.

For autonomy and solidarity,
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